Civics education can increase participation

I applaud the goal of the Civics Education Initiative’s effort to be sure Iowa students have a bas

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‪‎On This Day‬ in 1925, a verdict was reached in the famous Scopes Monkey Trial—an epic battle over the teaching of evolution.

On July 21, 1925, the famous Scopes Monkey trial over teaching evolution in public schools concluded

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How Philadelphia lost the nation’s capital to Washington

July 16 is a sad day for some historically minded Philadelphians: It’s the 225th anniversary of th

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As Joe Foss would say,

once a Marine, always a Marine in service & defense of our country. Today, the Joe Foss Institut

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Happy Birthday 14th Amendment

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the 14th Amendment (ratified July 9, 1868). Here’s what you

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Ever heard of the 26th Amendment? Chances are you have been impacted.

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the 26th Amendment (ratified July 1, 1971). Here’s what you

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